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Where is Mammoth Lakes?

What brought Mammoth Lakes to your attention? Perhaps it was a friend who said they had a phenomenal time skiing, kayaking or hiking in this alcove in the Eastern Sierras.

Or perhaps you heard the stories of the incredible natural limestone formations in the Inyo National Forest. Maybe you’ve seen photos of majestic Rainbow Falls or Devils Postpile.

Mammoth Lakes, often simply referred to as Mammoth, has a remarkable history, inspirational natural sights, and a multitude of places to stay that embody the beauty and history of this former mining and logging town.

Our Mammoth Lakes vacation rentals give you a special and authentic passport here, where the history and rustic energy still hangs in the air of the cozy condos.

Where is Mammoth Lakes? We'll tell you where Mammoth Lakes is located, how to get here, and even all about its history! || 1849 Mountain Rentals

About Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is a small mountain resort town located slightly over 300 miles north of Los Angeles and a similar distance northwest of Las Vegas, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

Mammoth is surrounded by some of the largest and most iconic peaks in Eastern Sierra such as Mount Morrison and Mammoth Mountain, ideal for the incredible mountain views, skiing opportunities, and hiking and outdoor recreation throughout the year.

The town was officially incorporated in 1984 but its settlement history goes back over 100 years prior at the onset of the gold rush.

Mammoth Mountain

As the area’s premier attraction, Mammoth Mountain is right outside the village. Visitors from all over the world come to Mammoth Mountain to snowboard, ski, snowmobile and more in the winter. In the summer, people mountain bike, hike, and sightsee.

Of course, a vacation in Mammoth Lakes doesn’t have to only be focused on the snowy tops of Mammoth Mountain. This is also your opportunity to kayak June Lake, go hiking, mountain biking, and even visit Yosemite National Park which is under an hour away.

Getting to Mammoth Lakes

Via the Airport. The Mammoth Yosemite Airport is one of the most popular and convenient options for getting to Mammoth with non-stop flights less than an hour away from LAX year-round and seasonal flights from other airports, and it is located just 10 minutes from town.

During the winter, many trans-Sierra routes are closed as a result of the high avalanche danger, excessive snowfall and hazardous driving conditions. However, year-round airplane, train and bus service to Mammoth Lakes is available. One of the best things about vacationing in Mammoth Lakes is that there is a free bus and shuttle system that reaches most parts of town, so a vehicle isn’t even needed once you arrive.

Via the Scenic Route. Driving from Southern California is a popular option during the summer season, with a scenic 5-6 hour route that takes you through the mountainous landscape of the Mojave Desert, Owens Valley, and the glacial lake beds along CA-14 N and U.S. Highway 395.

Other major metropolitan areas within a reasonable driving distance including the Bay Area and Las Vegas, both of which have multiple routes, and can take anywhere from 5 to 7 hours of driving time. The scenic drive alone is worth taking a vacation to Mammoth Lakes!

History of 1849 Mountain Rentals || 1849 Mountain Rentals in Mammoth Lakes, CA

A Brief History of 1849 Mountain Rentals

1849 Mountain Rentals is located right across Mammoth Mountain’s Canyon Lodge and we offer a range of exclusive private condo rentals. We are your convenient source for anything related to Mammoth Lakes – whether it’s planning a vacation or ski trip getaway, directions, accommodations, things to do here and more.

Our name comes from the first year of the California Gold Rush. It symbolizes an important year for the history of the region. We wanted a name that encompassed the energy and enthusiasm that surrounded the first settlement of California and Mammoth Lakes.

We also have an interesting shared history with one of the biggest developers of Mammoth. Dave McCoy, the founder of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, called 1849 Mountain Rentals his home for over 10 years as he grew his business and brought thousands to the region.

Dave McCoy’s third oldest child, Dennis “Pancho” McCoy, was also a ski racer in the Men’s Downhill at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. He developed phase I of the 1849 Mountain Rentals complex.

Shopping and Dining

Mammoth has many shopping and dining areas catering to the needs of our visitors. Mammoth Luxury Outlets offers high-end luxury goods, snow equipment, gear, and more.

CHATOboutique sells hiking and sports apparel, while Bleu Handcrafted Foods is all about specialty food items and quick bites. The Wave Race Snowboard Shop appeals to shoppers who are looking to enjoy some fast-paced snow season action.

There’s also an impressive selection of restaurants for a town of our size including gastro-pubs, cocktail bars, several fine dining destinations, Italian restaurants, casual eateries and more.

Though the village is beautiful for its quaint atmosphere and architecture, most visitors come for the breathtaking sights and sounds, which are so very postcard-worthy.

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At 1849 Mountain Rentals, our guests are treated to the most exclusive, amenity-loaded and convenient Mammoth Lakes vacation rentals with unrivaled access to Mammoth Mountain and so much more.

Any person who appreciates the thrill of endless outdoor adventures in the pristine Eastern Sierras will find plenty to love while staying at our Mammoth Lakes condos.


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