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All About the Bus Lines of Mammoth Mountain

You’ve got a backpack of clothing, an emergency supply kit, an extra case of gear, some ski equipment for the family with that extra snowshoe someone insisted they need, and your own gear.

You’ve got a lot of stuff. So, how do you navigate the village and the ski lodges with this kind of load? The answer is the bus, the most affordable, practical, and convenient travel means you have on your ski or snowboard vacation to Mammoth Lakes.

The bus lines of Mammoth Mountain run throughout the season. Below is your guide to navigating the city and taking advantage of the local bus lines.

The bus lines of Mammoth Mountain run throughout the season. Below is your guide to navigating the city and taking advantage of the local bus lines.

Eastern Sierra Transit Authority

Your main source of travel will be the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority. There are six major lines in total, labeled by one of six colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple.

In short, each line is mainly dedicated to a specific lodge, with a few exceptions. The red line runs to and from the Main Lodge, with stops along the way. It services the areas of Old Mammoth Road and Main Street.

The blue and yellow lines mainly serve the Canyon and Eagle Lodges.

This is a convenient resource even if you have a rental car. Some areas don’t have accessible or even available parking. They may require high fees to park in the location or it simply will be filled up by the time you get there. The Eastern Sierra Transit Authority has a multitude of lines that pick up from virtually every major parking lot area.

Transit Map of Mammoth Lakes

Confused by which lines go where? Need a handy guide to get you around? You are not the only one. This map can be printed as a reliable resource for your travels. Use it to hit the right lines.

Thankfully, most line pick-ups have the map available on the bus. It is also printed at major stops on each line.

The Mammoth Mountain Transit App

You can download the free transit app. It can be an invaluable source in assisting you with specific times, closures if applicable, and live location tracking. While the app is an amazing resource, it should not be your only option. Phones can die and service is occasionally interrupted up here in the mountains. We suggest having a map on hand or line notes in case of either scenario, especially if you are running late and heading into the evening hours.

Hours of Mammoth Lakes Bus Lines

The bus lines generally operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the exception of the orange line. This line extends the hours a bit for early and late guests, running from about 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

The buses typically run about every 30 minutes. Again, the exception here is the red line, which runs about every 20 minutes.

Not every line runs the entire winter season. For example, the orange line is dedicated almost exclusively to the Tamarack Lodge. It only runs during the lodge’s opening months, from mid-December to mid-April.

Bus is the most affordable, practical, and convenient way to travel in Mammoth Lakes.

Night Service Transportation in Mammoth

There are also a few fantastic night services. There are actually three options here. The first is the night bus, called the purple line. It primarily operates in the village. The purple line offers daytime service through town, as well as night service until 2 a.m. by dial-a-ride.

The alternative is the dedicated night trolley. It stops by four main locations: the village center, the Snowcreek Athletic Club, Juniper Springs Resort, and Canyon Lodge.

Lastly, you can utilize the nighttime shuttle. It stops at Mammoth Mountain Inn, the main village, Juniper Springs Resort, and Vons.

Mammoth is flexible and accommodating. You have a number of bus and shuttle options to get you around, and this hasn’t even touched on the transport leaving town. There are bus options to Yosemite, the Mammoth Lakes Basin, and other regional sights and attractions.

Contact us for any questions about transport from our vacation rentals in Mammoth Lakes. We can make sure you have all your questions answered while staying with us at 1849 Mountain Rentals. Book today.


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