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A Mountain Rental Service That is Closer to Home.

 Staying at an 1849 property is not a generic mountain hotel booking. Guests have the opportunity for a Mammoth experience that is a step closer to the local, the authentic, the genuine. Our group still contains a number of ‘original’ owners, and our legacy of sharing mountain homes with good people is one we cherish. We pride ourselves on our connection with owners and their properties, and our front desk service means we can keep a closer eye on their treasured resort homes. The 1849 team is proud to offer our clients’ homes to more conscientious, caring mountain guests and families, and we never forget the responsibility we share to make that experience as close to perfect as possible for everyone.

This rental program is owned BY its condo owners and we only represent the closest lodging to Mammoth Mountain’s Canyon Lodge – 1849 Condos, Sierra Megeve Condos, and Snowbird Condos.

78% of rental reservations are repeat visitors.

Program Features

Owners appreciate that this program gives them the flexibility to use their condo as they intended – to enjoy the mountains.

“We cannot express the difference in having support onsite, minutes away and people who are here to protect our investment” – 1849 owner since 2001

  • No calendar requirements. The rental program provides maximum flexibility and doesn’t require a minimum number of days to participate or holiday use (please note, holidays are highly profitable)
  • Rate flexibility. Artificial intelligence, historical data and competitive comparisons help establish rates; however, you are allowed to optimize as you see fit.
  • Promotional code for family and friends. Many of our owners want to extend a discount to their co-workers, friends, and extended family. We can create a custom code for you to use however you wish.
  • Low staff turnover. In a transient, resort town, it is common for property management agencies to have high seasonal turnover. 1849 Mountain Rentals has created a family work culture, and as a result, the average tenure is 14 years.

Management fee includes:

  • Staffing
    • 24/7 onsite emergency staff
    • Onsite housekeeping staff
    • Onsite maintenance staff – addresses unit emergencies, provides free quick fixes (<15 minutes) and can coordinate maintenance visits with outside vendors.
    • Inspector that checks units before rental to ensure a top-quality experience for guests, and afterward to identify any issues that may have occurred
    • Onsite lockout service
  • Unit cleaning and supplies
    • The program pays unit cleaning
    • Bulk rate for firewood that includes stocking, stacking and fireplace cleaning after every rental
    • Lines, bath towels, pool towels, bathmats, dish rags, potholders
    • Dish soap for handwashing and dishwasher, laundry soap
    • Coffee, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap
    • Optional dishware, glassware and silverware program
    • Standardized inventory list for guest satisfaction and consistency
  • Management and Accounting
    • Process TOT certificates, pay town TOT taxes, remit year-end tax documents, manage town safety inspection for new units ($150 town fee waived), and update and implement safety and town ordinances
    • Active enforcement of the no pet and no smoking policies, and maximum unit occupancy
  • Marketing
    • Digital marketing agency
    • Website, social media, e-newsletter
    • Work closely with Mammoth Lakes Tourism, Mono County Tourism, and Visit California
      • Listings on these travel sites
      • Hosts media visits
  • Perks for Guests and Owners
    • Signature hot apple cider, coffee and hot chocolate at check-in (winter seasonal)
    • Onsite ski and snowboard rentals with Black Tie Ski Rental Partnership

We all need to be a little closer.

Facilitating the connection between owners and guests is the function of 1849 Mountain Rentals, but our true mission runs deeper. Current events always seem to challenge our priorities and values. We believe that sharing time in a spectacular natural setting helps strengthen the bonds that make us all part of one big family.

Contact us today to get started.

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Checking in? Mailing a package?
826 Lakeview Blvd (POB 835)
Mammoth Lakes, California


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