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Dave McCoy, Bob Tanner and the 1849 Legacy

Stay Close, Play Close…To Mammoth Legacy

1849’s dedication to guest services stems from Mammoth Lakes’ visionaries – Dave McCoy and Bob Tanner. Dave McCoy was the founder of Mammoth Mountain and former resident at 1849 Condos. Bob Tanner was Dave McCoy’s colleague and friend, who founded Bishop’s Mule Days, and was the original General Manager of 1849. Dave McCoy and Bob Tanner mirrored each other’s commitment to providing memorable mountain experiences for all.

The History of 1849 Condos

1849 Mountain Rentals’ began in 1984, and its roots are steeped in Mammoth Lakes history. The name stems from the organization’s start as the 1849 Condos’ reservation company. Its program has now expanded to feature multiple property complexes bordering Mammoth Mountain’s Canyon Lodge.

1849 Condos was named after the year of the California Gold Rush and gives a nod to Mammoth Lakes’ beginnings (and brief duration) as a gold mining town. The condominium complex also lends itself to Eastern Sierra history. In 1974, 1849 Condos’ Phase 1 (now called The Lodge) was built and the concrete structure was architecturally unique and a first of its kind. It was developed by Dennis “Pancho” McCoy, Dave McCoy’s (founder of Mammoth Mountain) 3rd oldest son, after his tenure as a Downhill competitor in the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. The Lodge (Phase 1) was originally part of a proposal intended to develop a condo complex encompassing several condo “towers” extending from the location of The Lodge (Phase 1) down Lakeview Boulevard to the first stop sign. The property plans included a train that would take skiers up the hill to Mammoth Mountain’s Canyon Lodge. Local 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Andrea Mead Lawrence, led action to stop the development, comparing the project to the “Great Wall of China.”

The original cost of a two-bedroom unit was $39,000. The cost of a three-bedroom was $45,000. In the development stages, the prices were $10,000 more than other complexes in Mammoth Lakes, and it’s told that buyers commented that they were aware that the price wasn’t substantiated. The proximity to skiing and the connection to the McCoys made a strong enough argument. Subsequently, Dave McCoy also purchased a unit at 1849 Condos and called it “home” for over ten years. He resided in the complex’s only penthouse, unit 410.

In 1984, Phase 2 (now called the Townhomes) was developed. The 1849 Condo complex became and remains the largest and most prominent complex in the Canyon Lodge area in Mammoth Lakes and is still revered for its proximity to the slopes.

In 2009, the property received an $8.5 million renovation.

Changing Phase 1 to The Lodge and Phase 2 to Townhomes

As time went on, the names, “Phase 1 and Phase 2,” didn’t hold the significance they once had, and new owners felt the names were a nebulous description of their cherished mountain homes. In 2019, the homeowners voted on new titles that they thought best described their mountain oasis. And so now Phase 1 is referred to as The Lodge and Phase 2 is referred to as the Townhomes. 

A Mammoth Tradition

1849 Mountain Rentals in Mammoth Lakes, California isn’t simply a place to stay, it’s a tradition. When you’re here, you’ll recognize the feeling of family among loyal guests and homeowners who have called 1849 home for generations. The tenure of the staff is the highest in Mammoth Lakes and the company’s General Manager is only the second manager since its inception!

Stay Close, Play Close…To Mammoth Legacy

Written by Whitney Lennon, as told by Bob Tanner, former General Manager of 1849 Condos, Mammoth Lakes Developer, and Owner of Red’s Meadow Pack Station


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