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Understanding the 4 Ski Lodges of Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain is in the heart of Mammoth Lakes. Follow this quick guide to learn about Mammoth Mountain’s Canyon Lodge, the closest ski lodge to 1849 Mountain Rentals, how to get involved, and the best time to visit.

Mammoth Mammoth is in the heart of the area, near several ski lodges. Follow this quick guide to learn the closest ski lodge to 1849 condos, how to get involved, and the best time to visit.

Canyon Lodge (Closest to 1849 Mountain Rentals)

Canyon Lodge is conveniently located just steps from our mountain rental homes.

While Canyon Lodge is filled with welcoming amenities, ski and snowboarding school for all ages, multiple ski lifts, and other family-friendly features, they have recently completed a gorgeous renovation that remodeled their food court and expanded the bar seating.

Main Lodge

Located at 10001 Minaret Road, the Main Lodge is the first one to open for the season, getting ahead of the curve by a few weeks. This lodge is an all-around accommodating experience, offering a welcoming journey for first-timers.

Gondola access takes you directly to the summit. Accessible paths are available for those who don’t want to ski and childcare services can keep the little ones back in the lodge, secured and safe.

The gear shop on site can connect you with any accessories and equipment you may have forgotten. Finally, if you don’t want to get in the middle of the action, you can watch it all unfold from a cozy lodge sundeck.

Mammoth, California, may be the ski capital of the country. Between its epic mountain passes and numerous ski lodges, the region has become a pivotal point of focus for eager travelers, investors, and sports enthusiasts.

Eagle Lodge

Eagle Lodge is a bit off-the-radar at 4000 Majestic Pines Drive, but this can be a nice change of pace for excited skiers looking to adventure in the fringes of the area. Eagle Lodge is smaller than its neighboring locations.

A convenient shuttle from town can take you right to the front entrance of the lodge, where you can navigate the sides of Lincoln Mountain and check out the full-service restaurant and bar.

The Village at Mammoth


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