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Ice Skating in Mammoth is a Great Alternative to Skiing

What is more fun than ice skating in Mammoth Lakes? If you want a break from the slopes or you have family members who want to keep their feet on smoother terrain, you can visit the Mammoth Ice Rink.

While there are all sorts of ponds that freeze over during the season, not all of them are safe to bear weight. Some of them may have signage indicating their status, but others may not. It’s also unlikely that they are cleared of snow, or smooth enough to skate on.

That’s why we recommend the well-maintained Mammoth Ice Rink in town – so you and your family stay as safe as possible on your trip to the great town of Mammoth Lakes. Below is a quick look at this easy and accessible winter activity each year from November to late February.

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Overview of the Mammoth Ice Rink

The dedicated Mammoth Ice Rink is a large outdoor skating facility, a collaboration between the Town of Mammoth Lakes, the Mammoth Unified School District, and the Mono County Office of Education. It is an important and landmark community attraction.

Every year, people of all ages come to glide around this frozen oval. Skating is such a simple activity and one that makes a perfect complement to skiing the mountains of Mammoth.

Visitors can bring their own skates along, but the rink also offers cost-affordable rentals. You can even have your skates sharpened on site, ensuring crisp turns and optimal speed. A snack and beverage bar is also available so you can warm up with a hot chocolate.

Community Programs

Visitors can check out some of the local programs. These include special events, as well as skating workshops. Guests can come on down to see a hockey game unfold. From February 17 to February 24, USA Hockey hosts and promotes Hockey Weekend Across America, an annual event that aims to engage players of all levels in the sport of hockey.

There are also a number of ice skating competitions in January. Stay at one of our Mammoth condo rentals during a competition to see some inspiring national talent.

During the holiday season, the rink hosts a “Skate with Santa” special event. Guests will witness the surprising skills of Santa Claus himself on the ice. If you missed it last year, be sure to visit Mammoth Lakes over Christmas to experience this magical event.

First time on the ice? This community rink offers fun lessons for beginners. If you want to learn how to ski, you cand find lessons on the mountain for that as well. If anyone in your party is a little concerned about getting on the ice without professional instruction, they can enter one of these programs. They are typically held once a week from around 3 to 5 p.m.

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Mammoth Ice Rink Details

The cost to skate at Mammoth Ice Rink varies from about $8 to $14 per person. The lowest rates are usually applied to the midweek entrance, while the higher rates are for holidays and weekends. Children and teens aged 5 to 17 receive a discount, lowering their entrance fee to somewhere between $7 to $11, depending on age and day or the week. Children under 5 skate free and discounts for military personnel are offered.

Families should be aware of a few basic rules. Children under 4 must skate with an adult at all times, and children under 10 must be supervised. There are also dedicated kids’ skate times, which typically last about an hour and are announced via loudspeaker.

Parking in the area is very limited. Thankfully, there are multiple transportation options available from our Mammoth slopeview rentals.

There are two main local bus lines available. The Main Lodge – Village/Vons – Snowcreek Shuttle is called the Red Line, and is available at no cost. The Mid-Town LIFT or Purple Line runs later in the day, and there is a small fee.

To get to the skating rink by vehicle, you want to use the address of 416 Sierra Park Rd. in your GPS. The rink is directly adjacent to the Mammoth Lakes Library.

The Mammoth Ice Rink is open seven days a week as long as the weather is cooperating. It is a wonderful and cost-affordable family attraction aside from the trails on Mammoth, and one that will bring you plenty of photograph opportunities and memories to cherish.


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