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Mountain Biking on Mammoth Mountain in the Summer

The warm weather brings a whole lot of fun. The trails come to life with hiking enthusiasts of all ages. There’s a lot to love and we want to spend a little time highlighting one of Mammoth’s most popular activities: mountain biking.

The village’s mountain bike park opens up in May when the snow melts, generally around Memorial weekend, and it attracts anyone and everyone who loves to mountain bike to the glorious trails of the California foothills.

biking in the mammoth mountain bike park

What to Expect at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Near our Mammoth Mountain condo rentals rests a fantastic and expansive mountain bike park with over 50 open trails and a peak elevation at just over 11,000 feet. This is not just a park; it’s a full adventure, with designed trails, tough terrain, on-site biking lessons, hosted competitions and events, and more.

There are about 3,500 acres for you to explore across roughly 80 miles of trails. The trails range from beginner to expert, with slopes beside deep ravines down to open pathways for families to cruise together casually.

The park is open to everyone regardless of skill or comfort level. About half the trails are rated as easy. About 15% of the trails are dedicated to professionals, which are all clearly and distinctly marked. That leaves about a third of the trails for the mid-range biking enthusiast – past the beginner stage, but not quite at the pro level.

When you take the ski lift to the top of the park, be sure to choose a path pertaining to your skill level. Every other lift has a bike carrier on it. Guides are available to help point you in the right direction and provide anything you may need, such as maps or accessories. Private lessons are also available for all levels.

Bike Rentals

Don’t have a bike of your own? There’s an extensive fleet of bikes for children up to expert riders who only want the top-of-the-line gear.


The park is not free. Tickets are available based on family size and duration of your stay. For example, the quad pass allows 4 for any period of time. The Twilight Ticket pass includes any number of rides, as well as the unlimited uphill gondola and shuttle access. This special pass is exclusive to guests after 3 p.m.

The most accessible option for families is the Discover Pass. It includes access to the park, two bikes and a 2.5-hour lesson for a parent and child.

Changing Bike Trails

Please be aware that some trails are extended, added, closed, or moved periodically. If you’re ever unsure about which trails are closed, please ask for guidance. Utilize the bike park shuttle and gondola to get where you need to be, including to and from our village rentals. While the trails change from time to time, the bike park also now allows electric bikes on site.

view of mammoth mountain bike park in california

Getting to the Mountain Bike Park

The main mountain bike park is located at the village’s Main Lodge. Fortunately, there are numerous trails leading through the mountains and right back to our Mammoth Lakes condos.

You can get to the trails by gondola. The rides allow for bike transport, making it extremely easy to get up to the trails without worrying about the full ride up by bike. Once near the top, you can follow the trails and really see a stellar view of the region as you weave your way through the paths.

We see so many enthusiastic and eager visitors, primed and ready to go for a biking adventure. We can help you plan your trip. Ask us about any specific details to stay safe, including tips for hiking if you want a break from being on two wheels.

Speaking of breaks, when you’re ready to relax at night, we have plenty of rentals to fit your needs. Check out our list of deluxe rentals.


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