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Winter Adventure: Cross-Country Skiing in Mammoth

In the midst of planning your stay at one of our luxurious Mammoth slopeview rentals, you find yourself thinking about skiing – and who wouldn’t?! Skiing is a popular sport here, and there are slopes for all levels of skiers. And, of course, there are different styles of skiing. You might even be asking yourself, “Is downhill skiing harder than cross country?” 

Well, worry not, because we have the answers that you seek. Read on to learn about the different types of skiing and where you can cross-country ski while you stay in scenic and serene Mammoth.

Cross-Country vs Downhill Skiing: The Big Differences

There are some technical differences between cross-country and downhill skiing. Have you been asking yourself, “Can you use cross country skis for downhill skiing?” The answer is that you will not enjoy the experience of using cross-country skis to downhill ski.

Why is this? In cross-country skiing, just the boot’s toe is attached to the ski. The entire boot is attached via binding in downhill skiing. So, as you can imagine, things might prove difficult if your ski boots are not properly attached for the type of skiing you want to do.

You might also want to know what’s the difference between telemark and cross-country skiing. Cross-country skis are solely meant for traversing flat or relatively even surfaces while telemark skiing is all about vertical travel. Telemark skis have binding that locks down on the front of your boot and comes with a cable on the back that can be adjusted for more sprawling terrain. If you need to go downhill, just tighten it up.

child on cross country skis

Essentially, telemark skiing is a combination of downhill and Nordic skiing, and it lets you climb up steeper areas and see more of the backcountry. When you need to, you can head downhill.

You are also probably wondering, “Is cross country skiing easier?” And the answer is that, no, it isn’t. It is an intense full-body workout in which you could potentially burn hundreds of calories. Also, the techniques you will use are vastly different. You are, of course, more likely to crash and burn going downhill, but learning cross-country can be taxing, too.

Understand the different types of skiing is essential before you start, so be sure to sign up for some classes at Canyon Lodge ski school. They can help you prepare for the challenges you will face on the slopes and get you into the right gear for the type of skiing you want to do.

Places to Go Cross-Country Skiing in Mammoth

While enjoying your stay at one of our Mammoth Mountain condo rentals, get out and see the beautiful sites that Mammoth has to offer. There are 150 named trails you can take, and you can choose your own adventure. There are 25 lifts that will help you visit over 3,500 acres of terrain on which you can see. You can take the Panorama Gondola from the main lodge up to the summit, which takes about 10-15 minutes. This runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day.

Expert skiers will be interested in taking on the steeps just off from Chair 22 (Avalanche Chutes). If you’re more intermediate, Chair 12 will get you to some of the quieter areas on the mountain. The lower and mid-mountain glades are also fantastic for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Planning your cross-country skiing adventure here on Mammoth Mountain will certainly amp you up for your stay here. Remember, you can take classes as needed to prep yourself to get on the slopes, and you should use the proper ski equipment while going cross-country skiing on this beautiful mountain.

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