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Snowshoeing Near Mammoth Mountain

While you are browsing our site for beautiful Mammoth Mountain rentals, you will likely also be thinking about all the fun things you want to do while you are here. One of the best winter activities to try is snowshoeing!

It is just as much fun as skiing but typically involves less falling. If you want to take things easy but still get some exercise, get out and do some snowshoeing. There are several fantastic spots to snowshoe in Mammoth.

family snowshoeing

Minaret Vista

The summer road stemming from Mammoth Mountain’s Main Lodge will take you Minaret Vista. Once you get there, you will start your trek at the Gondola building and go up the trail. This trail is well-kept and often used by cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. 

The climb might be a bit taxing, but it is totally worth it. You will see so many beautiful sights as you pass through the Jeffery pine forest and into an opening from where you can get a magnificent view of the Ritter Range and Minarets.

This is a 5-mile round-trip (about 3-4 hours), so be prepared to work those muscles! If you are a snowshoeing beginner, you might want to try some of the easier trails before hitting the one that will take you to Minaret Vista.

Panorama Dome

While staying at Mammoth Mountain lodging, you can snowshoe on the Panorama Dome Trail. The hike itself is fairly short, and the panoramic view is picture-perfect. It is removed from the hubbub of the Lakes Basin, so if it is peace and quiet you want, it is peace and quiet you will get.

Just go from the trolley stop at Twin Lakes Vista and cross over Lake Mary Road to get to the Lakes Basin Path. It will take you over a bridge and up to the Panorama Dome hiking trail. The trail does get steeper as you go on, but the views become even more stunning.

This adventure lasts for less than 4 hours. The trail is just shy of 2 miles in length, but you do not have to go the entire way and can turn back at any point. The Panorama Dome Trail is an excellent path to take if you are a beginner or have children coming along.

adult and dog snowshoeing

Mono-Inyo Craters

Our Mammoth Mountain ski rentals are super cozy, so you might find it hard to want to leave them. But it is worth it for a snowshoeing trek to the Mono-Inyo Craters. This chain of volcanic craters, domes, and lava rock are stunning, to say the very least. These craters were created by multiple small but strong eruptions of steam blast around 600 years ago.

You can trek along the trail to the two southernmost craters. They’re approximately 200 feet in depth and house little lakes. If you’re going to take a selfie to show your loved ones back home, this is definitely the spot to do it!

Head across the road from your rental to Canyon Lodge ski school if you want to hit the slopes for some adrenaline-rushing fun. You can take classes at the ski school to help you feel more confident in your skiing abilities. But if skiing is not really your thing or if you are looking for something else to do, rent some snowshoes and hit the trails.

Make sure you bring your camera with a massive amount of storage on the SD card because you will want to do plenty of winter photography along the way!

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Our Mammoth vacation rentals are the perfect place to relax after an exciting day of snowshoeing on the mountain!


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