Best Mammoth Lakes Fishing Spots

1849 Mountain Rentals and fishing go hand-in-hand as our 1849 Condos complex has free boat and trailer parking (first-come, first-serve basis). If you rent a home in Snowbird or Sierra Megeve Condos, there is plenty of street parking in the quiet Canyon Lodge neighborhood on top of the hill. In addition to being slopeside, 1849 Mountain Rentals has homes with gorgeous views overlooking the Owens Valley.

Fishing Season & Permits

Announced for 2021! The State of California has opened more year-round fishing in the Eastern Sierra. Check out the new map and the latest fishing regulations. Popular lake spots, i.e. Convict Lake and the Mammoth Lakes Basin, will open the last Saturday of April, also called Fishmas, and continues through November 15.

A permit is required to fish and may be purchased online or at any fishing store. It’s important to review your regulation book as regulations change from water to water, and some private property (no trespassing areas) crosses over some of the fishing spots.

Eastern Sierra Fishing Lingo

Sierra Grand Slam = catching a Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Golden Trout

Fishmas = Fishing opener when all the waters in the Eastern Sierra are open to fish

Swinter = Mammoth Lakes’ Spring is a combination of Spring activities, winter activities and weather conditions that are somewhere in between.

Hire A Guide

We recommend hiring a guide regardless of your experience level to ensure you get the most out of your trip! There is no better fishing experience than going with a professional who knows these waters like the back of their hand, has real-time information on what bait to use, and knows where and when the fish will be biting. How to hire a guide, where to purchase permits, and information about the fishing season dates and restrictions may be found on the Visit Mammoth website.

When Is the Best Time To Fish?

July to mid-September are the most popular months due to school schedules, warm temperatures, and predictable weather. There is more fish stocking that takes place in the summer, but it is proportionate to how many people are fishing during this time. Depending on where you fish, you will likely experience crowds and if you’re in a lake, there will also be people paddleboarding and kayaking. Please also note that when the weather warms up, so does the water and trout will try to escape to cooler water. If fishing shallow waters, it’s important to note to fish these areas only when it’s cool to avoid stressing the fish population.

If fishing during the summer, we recommend going out in the early morning to have the best chances in catching the big one!


Spring is fondly referred to as Swinter which is Spring + Winter, because you never know what Mother Nature will do next as seen in the pictures below. During April-June, chances are good you’ll still be able to ski and ride in the morning before you fish, off-roading, or mountain biking in town. Fishing during Spring means fewer crowds, the first round of fish stocking, cooler temps, and feisty and hungry fish!

Mammoth Lakes Basin

The Mammoth Lakes Basin, after Mammoth Lakes was named, has 5 lakes that are accessible by road, plus an additional 6 lakes within a mile hike of the trailheads. At 1849 Mountain Rentals, you are just two miles away from this gem. If you are traveling between July -September, the volume of people in the Mammoth Lakes Basin is high. We recommend taking the free bus outside your home to The Village At Mammoth and then transfer to the Lakes Basin Trolley. There are multiple marinas and tackle stores to rent boats and purchase gear.

Photo: Josh Wray

Convict Lake

Convict Lake hosts fishing events throughout the season. This 170-acre lake was carved out by glaciers and has plenty of rainbow and brown trout. The tackle shop rents boats and has supplies for sale.

Convict Lake by Josh Wray

June Lake Loop

The June Lake Loop Lakes actually offers four different fishing spots for you to choose from Silver Lake, June Lake, Gull Lake, and Grant Lake. This area is one of the first spots to clear from ice and snow once the weather starts to warm up.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is truly a picture-perfect location for your next fishing trip. It covers 110 acres and is home to the oldest fishing retreat in the June Lake area. Here, you’ll find trout varieties like rainbow, brown, and Lahontan cutthroat, and sometimes, you can even catch the elusive brook trout. You’ll have the best luck taking a boat onto the water or fishing from an access spot.

June Lake

The lake itself is about a mile long and a half-mile wide, and it’s full of various types of trout. You can rent a boat from one of the two marinas nearby, or you’re welcome to launch your own boat!

June Lake by Josh Wray

Gull Lake

The smallest of the June Loop Lakes, Gull Lake shouldn’t be underestimated. Despite its smaller size, fisherman flock here thanks to the abundance of trout and crayfish, as well as some Sacramento perch. It’s easy to get onto the water from the Gull Meadows walk-on boat loading dock.

Grant Lake

Grant Lake is easily the biggest of the June Loop Lakes, but the level can vary since it’s a reservoir on the Los Angeles Aqueduct system. You’ll love the stunning views of Mount Wood, the groves of Parker Bench and the rugged Aerie Crag. Be sure to keep your boat at 10 miles per hour if it’s before 10 a.m.

Plan Your Visit

Now that you know all of the best fishing spots near Mammoth Lakes, it’s time to book your mountain getaway! Our spacious condos are the perfect place to relax after a day of fishing to exchange tall tales.Book Your Mountainside Condo!

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