Mammoth Storytelling Festival

 The Mammoth Storytelling Festival is just one of the events cropping up around the country seeking to return people to their roots in oral histories. Of all the festivals in Mammoth Lakes, this one is perhaps the most historically significant, drawing visitors and locals alike to tune in to a few tales from the past.

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The Mammoth Lakes Storytelling Festival

The Mammoth Storytelling Festival takes place at the Mammoth Museum’s Hayden Cabin, wedged among the Sierra Nevada peaks.

Sponsored by the Southern Mono Historical Society, the festival allows the audience a window into simpler times through the storytelling, an art form largely lost in modern societies. Local storytellers volunteer to spin a yarn or two while you listen to the tree leaves rustle and trunks creak against a backdrop of the impressive mountains.

First launched in the fall of 2016, the Mammoth Storytelling Festival is a relatively new event. The annual festival brings the community together for a time of sharing, taking place over a single afternoon in mid-September. Get there by car (there’s a parking lot on site) or on foot via a multi-use trail, as they would have back in the day.

One of the most culturally-rich festivals in Mammoth Lakes, this event offers an afternoon of fun and learning for all ages, and includes a complimentary snack.

About the Mammoth Museum

Step into the 1920s log cabin that houses the museum and travel back to a simpler time. This seasonal museum features exhibits that detail the daily lives of the people who inhabited Mammoth Lakes a hundred years ago. Exhibits include mining tools and equipment, photos, art, memorabilia, and historical information on the industry in the region.

Spend some time browsing the Hayden Cabin museum before it closes for the season. The storytelling festival is typically the final hurrah of the summer season – the perfect way to welcome in the chillier weather and changing leaves.

Visiting Mammoth Lakes in Autumn

Mammoth Lakes is a beautiful place to visit in the fall. With a mix of evergreen conifers and towering oaks that shower the ground with red, orange, and yellow leaves, Mammoth Lakes make for the perfect fall getaway – no post-summer blues here! Visit Mammoth Lakes for the stunning natural beauty and stay for the rich cultural and historical experiences like the annual Storytelling Festival.