How to Take Care of Your Skis and Snowboards

Knowing how to properly take care of your gear can prove beneficial. By properly taking care of them, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes anytime.

Let the Experts Tune

Expert ski and snowboard tuning is available just steps from your rental home at Mammoth Mountain’s Canyon Lodge. These experts ski and ride every day and know just how to put the finishing touches on your gear.

How to Store in the Off Season

After taking your gear on the slopes, the first step to properly storing them is to clean with a soft rag to remove debris and to dry them. This helps prevent rust. Avoid using any detergents or degreasers as these could affect the binding lubricant.

If you are storing your skis and snowboard until the next season, it’s best to have an end-of-the-season tuned done to protect your bases. Professional help is always available at any number of tuning shops.

Your skis and snowboards should be placed in an upright position and stored in a cool and dry interior room or closet. Never place them where the temperature or moisture could fluctuate. This includes travel bags! These conditions tend to promote rust and damage.

What to Do When Ski Season Returns

When it comes time to hit the slopes again, there are a two steps to take prior to hitting the slopes. Both skiers and snowboarders should have their bindings inspected at a shop. Bindings wear out over time, and outside general wear and tear, the storing process can also break down the binding material. For snowboarders, the binding material needs to be in good condition and securely attached to the board. For skiers, bindings need to be machine tested annually to ensure they will release when they are supposed to in a fall. This is what protects you from knee and other bodily injury. Lastly, remember to have the end-of-the-year wax scraped off and have weather-appropriate wax applied.

Plan Your Visit

Now that you know how to properly store and care for your skis in the off season, you should be primed and ready to hit the slopes! Contact us today to book your Mammoth Mountain getaway today.