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How to Take Care of Your Skis in the Offseason

Whenever skiing season comes to an end, it’s natural to wonder about what you should do with your skis. Knowing how to properly take care of your skis can prove beneficial whenever the following year rolls around. By properly taking care of them, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes near our convenient vacation rentals on Mammoth Mountain.


How to Properly Tune

Base repair is a core part of ski maintenance. This process allows you to repair any damage that may have been caused. Start by scraping away excess base material around the damage. After this, wipe away any dirt and apply the base cleaner to remove existing wax. Use rubbing alcohol to then remove the base cleaner. Once these steps are done, apply P-Tex to the skis to fill in any damage and scrape away the excess once the P-Tex has had time to dry.

Edgework is fundamental to tuning your skis. Start by taking a diamond stone and run it on the edges from the tip of the ski to the tail. Be sure to focus on areas with nicks and extensive rust. For minimal rust, utilize a gummy stone to help polish the rust away. Once these steps are completed, use the gummy stone to polish the length of the edges for a finished look. Use a towel and rubbing alcohol to wipe the edges down and remove any potential metal shavings.

After the base repair and edge work has been completed, the last step is to apply wax. If you haven’t already, ensure that you clean your base before applying any wax. Take a waxing iron to heat your choice of wax and drip a line along the length of your ski. Using your waxing iron, move at a steady speed and apply light pressure as you make your way down the ski. Ensure that your wax has been applied to all areas of the base. If not, feel free to add more. Once the board and wax have cooled, at a 45-degree angle, scrape any excess wax off the base and the edges and repeat until no wax shavings can be removed.

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How to Store

After taking your skis on the slopes or a Mammoth Mountain cross country skiing adventure, the first step to properly storing them is to clean them. This helps prevent rust. Cleaning is ideally done with a garden hose and a soft brush. Remember, the idea is just to clean them. Avoid using any detergents or degreasers as these could affect the binding lubricant.

After this, tuning your skis is the next best step when storing them away for the season. As mentioned above, you can self-tune your skis. If, however, you are uncomfortable with tuning your own skis, professional help is always available at any number of tuning shops. What some shops will not cover is inspecting your bindings for discoloration and damaged plastic and screws. Any of these will need immediate repair so that you are ready to hit the slopes next season.

After tuning and checking for damage, it’s finally time to store your skis! Your skis should be placed in an upright position and stored in a cool and dry interior room or closet. Never place them where the temperature or moisture could fluctuate. This includes travel bags! These conditions tend to promote rust and damage to the skis.

Plan Your Visit

Now that you know how to properly store and care for your skis in the offseason, you should be primed and ready to go when the slopes open! Contact us today to book your Mammoth Mountain getaway today.

What to Do When Ski Season Returns

When it comes time to hit the slopes again, there are a few steps that must be taken. Remember to scrape off any wax you applied if it was a warm weather wax and apply a wax appropriate for the temperature. If, however, you applied an all-temperature wax, you are ready to give it a good brush down, take a few refresher lessons, and head to one of the Mammoth Mountain lodges!

After a long day of skiing, it’s great to head back to your family rental, light a toasty fire, and relax your cares away with your loved ones. You can do just that with 1849 Mountain Rentals. Our 3 bedroom Mammoth Mountain rentals can accommodate up to twelve members of your family, but we do offer more compact rentals for smaller groups. We are conveniently located near Mammoth Mountain and some of the best skiing in the area! Please give us a call today, or send us an email, to reserve your stay now!


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