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What Is the Weather Like in Mammoth Lakes?

Planning your trip to Mammoth Lakes involves knowing what to expect weather-wise. The climate changes with each passing season, and you do get to experience all four seasons here during the year. Mammoth Lakes weather can be enjoyable from spring to fall, and winters here are somewhat temperate. Activities vary with the season, too, so plan on doing what the weather permits while you stay in one of these cozy Mammoth Lakes rentals.

snowy mountain
snowy mountain


Mammoth Mountain winter season is usually pretty moderate temperature-wise. December through March will see highs in the 40s and lows in the mid-teens to low 20s. On average, there are 6-7 rainy days in each of these months, and the rain tapers off starting in May. 

Be sure to bring your snowsuits because there are plenty of fun winter activities on Mammoth Mountain! Snowshoeing is a fantastic way to explore the wild outdoors and get some exercise. Choose from more moderate to difficult trails (like the Main Lodge to Minaret Vista) or easier ones (like the one to Panorama Dome).

You can also try mountaineering if you’re up for a good thrill. Ice climbing is a popular pastime in the winter. Not sure how to climb? Take some classes at the Sierra Mountain Center. Once you’re ready, you can grab supplies from a mountaineering supply store and head up to Lee Vining Canyon or June Lake.

Snowcat tours are also popular. Vehicles can hold up to 12 people and start from the Minaret Vista at 11:30 a.m. You’ll get to see beautiful skyline views of Mammoth Lakes.

spring in mammoth lakes


The spring is temperate with rain tapering off from March and into the end of May. Temperatures warm up from an average high of 46 degrees in March to an average of high of 60 degrees in May.

You can still do winter sports in the spring as well as jump into summer sports. Skiing and riding are still popular in the spring. You can start renting bikes and riding them on lower elevation trails through town or at Lower Rock Creek. Most of the snow will have melted off the roads, and you will see wildflowers beginning to bloom. The fishing season also kicks off on the last Saturday in April.

summer lake


Summer brings with it many things to do in Mammoth Lakes because of the comfy temperatures. Average highs are in the 70s, and rain is minimal. This makes it a perfect time to ride the Mammoth Bike Park, which features over 80 miles of singletrack for cross country and downhill mountain biking. You can, of course, do some regular bicycling too.

Summer is also the perfect time for backpacking to the Minarets, go kayaking at Lake Mary, go boating on Convict Lake, or go horseback riding at beautiful Rainbow Falls. Devils Postpile National Monument also warrants a visit during the summer.

autumn colors on the mountain


There are still plenty of things to do in the fall. A color tour is basically required since the gorgeous autumn tones come out in nature at that time. Temperatures begin to decline around October, and rain slowly picks up.

Exploring the Mammoth Lakes Basin and the surrounding alpine lakes can be relaxing. Just make sure that you come early if you want to see the colors changing in the higher elevations since they start sooner than at lower elevations. Not only can you still go for hikes, but you can do some kayaking and fishing. You can also comfortably take your significant other on a romantic sunset picnic without getting too chilly.

Halloween is a big event for Mammoth Lakes, so if you come in the end of October, bring your costume, and be prepared to celebrate!

You can enjoy a Mammoth Lakes vacation any time of the year. Nab yourself one of these comfy condos and come prepared to participate in seasonal activities. Many activities can be delighted in during most seasons, but some are a bit more exclusive. No matter when you come, you will find that Mammoth Lakes is a beautiful and hospitable destination that everyone can enjoy.


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