Planning For the Weather In Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is a breathtaking corner of the world, sitting at 8,000 feet, and the weather can change quickly at this altitude. It could be sunny and warm and then cloudy and snowing within minutes. If you’re traveling on a trail, be prepared with layers, plenty of water, and snacks. Regardless of the time of year, we recommend packing multiple layers and carry blankets in your car.


On average, 400 inches of snow will fall from November through June with plenty of sunshine in between storms. The heaviest snow falls in November through March, with highs up to 40s and lows in the single digits. Be sure to pack your puffy jackets, boots, gloves, insulated pants and neck gaiters. And don’t forget the sunblock! Carrying snow chains and/or 4WD are required from November to April and it’s always a good idea to maintain a full tank of gas when traveling in and out of the area.

group snowshoeing

Swinter (Spring+Winter)

From April to June, temperatures warm up during the day which mean spring skiing in vests and fishing, biking and hiking in town. We fondly refer to this time of year as Swinter. It is not uncommon for quick moving snowstorms to move into the area so be sure to take extra layers with you on hikes, trails, and on the water.


Beginning 4th of July weekend, summer activities are in full swing with weather averaging in the 70s and cool nights needing jackets and pants. Access to the National Forest, National Parks and State Parks are typically open for sightseeing and recreating. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park trails (across from 1849 Mountain Rentals), Mammoth Lakes bike loops, Mammoth Lakes Basin, golf courses and horseback riding begin their season by early July through mid to late September.


Fall offers quite a few outdoor activities and sightseeing but with gorgeous leaf changes, cooler temps and fewer crowds. Leef peeping begins in September and lasts until mid-October. Sporadic snowstorms can begin in mid- October to early November so be sure to pack the chains and other provisions in your car, and maintain a full tank of gas in case you have to stop for snow.

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