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Skiing vs. Snowboarding: Which is Right for You?

There is sometimes a divide between the two winter sports of skiing and snowboarding. For those who are unfamiliar with both, it’s hard to find a solid answer for the eternal question: should I ski or snowboard?

Below is a brief overview of the pros and cons of snowboarding and skiing, and how you can decide which one works better for you during your upcoming stay at 1849 Mountain Rentals in Mammoth Lakes.


Both skiing and snowboarding are rewarding and challenging to varying degrees. Yet, as a general rule, skiing is more approachable for individuals who are new to winter sports.

It is typically easier to learn the foundations of skiing compared to snowboarding. Because of this, skiing is often seen as a more leisurely sport. It is more welcoming for “newbies” and often provides you a little greater control.

Snowboarding, comparatively, is a sport about defiant persistence. You may spend hours flopped on the ground attempting to stand up due to the more intense learning curve.

But even snowboarders will admit that once you can navigate, you can quickly excel the ranks and master the board.

Now don’t let the above lead you into believing skiing is always easier and snowboarding is always harder. Both can be challenging and competitive and both can be leisurely and social.

It depends on how you approach the sport, who you are active with, and what you want to get out of it. It’s also worth trying both out to see which one you’re more passionate about – being excited about it will help you overcome the learning curve.


On skis you stand straight up with a forward stance, making it approachable for beginners. Snowboarding stances are side-on and less natural at first, with lower peripheral vision.

Skis are more of a natural position, as you have both legs separated and you can use one leg to rebalance yourself. However, on a snowboard, both of your feet are attached to the board and it feels restrictive to many first-time snowboarders.

If you lose balance on a snowboard you’re likely to fall, and it’s likely to happen many times as you get familiar with the feel of the board.

That disadvantage turns into an advantage later on – once you get good at balancing on the snowboard you can avoid one issue that new skiers run into – keeping the skis apart.

Speeding Down the Line

Is skiing faster than snowboarding? Yes it is, and speed is more of a concern for skiers. Obviously, beginners will start on the easiest runs with the mildest slope grades for safety. However, intermediate to advanced ski runs can get quite fast.

If speed isn’t all that important, you may want to choose a snowboard. Skiers are definitely capable of cruising quickly down a terrain while snowboarders make the most of every bump and curve and are typically slower to reach the bottom of the slopes.

One study found that the average speed of skiers is around 27 mph while the average speed of snowboarders is around 24 mph.

Which One is Best?

The classic argument goes like this: “Snowboarding is harder to learn, but easier to master, while skiing is easier to learn, but harder to master.”

You can apply this principle by weighing out the two options. You are bound to find plenty of participants of both sports hitting the slopes all winter long.

If you are starting with zero experience in either sport, you might try skiing first due to it being a little easier to learn. Later, you can always learn to snowboard after skiing.

But really, there is only one main question you should ask: is it more fun to ski or snowboard? The answer depends entirely on you!

Try both! Black Tie Ski Rentals has an onsite location and will deliver your ski or snowboard gear directly to your condo. 

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