Mammoth Kayaks and Paddleboards

Located in the Inyo National Forest and surrounded by some of the most awe-inspiring and grandest mountain scenery in the world, June Lake glows under the sun in every season.

This glacial lake, located about 20 miles north of Mammoth Lakes, is one of the top places to kayak or paddleboard in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Mammoth Kayaks and Paddleboards is your exclusive destination for making the most out of June Lake and the surrounding areas. Your next vacation getaway to the Sierra Nevadas can include a relaxing adventure atop the water, embedded in the beauty of the alpine scenery.

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How Hard is Kayaking and Paddleboarding?

As enticing as kayaking and paddleboarding in the mountain scenery might seem, for some beginners the idea is a bit intimidating. Mammoth Kayaks and Paddleboards obviously offers both options, but it is the latter that catches many visitors’ eyes.

Paddleboarding is far easier than you would think. Firstly, the board is designed to stay balanced and stable.

They are often wider and flatter than kayaks, giving the board a nice balance atop the water. You will have to actively try to tip it over. People fall off infrequently and usually only after rushing the process and playing around too much on the water.

The most challenging part is getting on the board. Thankfully, the team can help guide you in the most manageable way to get on the board.

Rest assured, paddleboards are designed to stay afloat and centered. Nooks on the board, known as water cycling containers, help keep the water that does hit the top of the board flowing nicely and easily so it doesn’t hold you up.

This provider is every bit a family-friendly operation and activity, and safety is always of the utmost concern. It is safe for all ages, and all customers receive a free lesson to get started for both kayaks and paddleboards.

The team provides tandem kayaks and both adult and kid-sized kayaks. Paddleboards are exclusively solo and are also available in adult and child sizes.

Kayak Day Trips and Tours

At 1.2 miles in length, June Lake is small enough for you and your family to circle the entire thing on a wonderful tour. Just watch out for local fishermen, who can often be found along the edges of the lake after the treasured cutthroat trout.

Some rentals with Mammoth Kayaks and Paddleboards do not come with guided tours. You can contact them for special requests such as lake tours and more.

The team does offer group discount rates for large parties of 10 or more. So if you come with some extra cousins, lots of kids, and the enthusiasm of the grandparents, the crew can accommodate you.

Standard paddleboard and kayak rentals are $25 an hour. If you want to spend a whole day adventuring the waters, you can request special extended day rates.

Where to Kayak

Mammoth Kayaks and Paddleboards is almost exclusively focused on June Lake, the quintessential place to see during a summer in Mammoth Lakes.

Traversing the lake gives you plenty of room to navigate in the open waters while still taking in the plentiful sights of the redwoods and surrounding mountains.

Getting to June Lake from Mammoth Lakes

From Mammoth Lakes, head east on CA-203 E/Main St. then merge onto US-395 N and after about 15 miles turn left onto CA-158 S. After about 1-mile turn right onto N Shore Dr., continue onto June Lake Beach Road and right onto Pine Cliff Road to follow the signs to the beach.

Mammoth Kayaks and Paddleboards is located right at June Lake Beach during their opening hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

When to Kayak

The kayak and paddleboard season at Mammoth Kayak and Paddleboards begins no later than July 4th each year. If weather permits, many activities and tours will pick back up in mid-June, around Father’s Day weekend.

Mammoth Kayaks and Paddleboards prioritizes safety. The team must get authorization to launch for the season from the National Forest Service. The season usually closes back up around Labor Day. Daily conditions and updated opening date information can be found on the company’s Facebook or YELP pages.

Mammoth Kayaks and Paddleboards is open Mondays to Sundays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. weather and wind permitting, so be sure to check the weather prior to heading out. You can always call the crew to confirm the weather details at (760) 924-3075.

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