Electric Bikes vs. Mountain Bikes

Biking is one of the most common summer activities in Mammoth. With all the many trails and small side streets in the town center, you have a perfect opportunity to grab a bike over a motor vehicle and traverse the area at your leisure. Some bikers trade in an old-fashioned wheel and gear bike for an electric mountain bike or a gasoline-powered dirt bike.

So while both are great for different reasons, which one is better? The answer depends largely on what you hope to do. While they don’t allow motorized bikes on the mountain, here’s your lowdown for the quick and dirty deets on the fun and quiet electric bike.

Motorized mountain bike in Mammoth, CA

Motorized Bikes in Mammoth

Both a gas mountain bike and an electric bike are considered motorized. Typically, an electric mountain bike has power no more than 750 watts. An electric bike is often sleekly designed and contains an electric propulsion container under the seat.

An electric bike is much quieter than your typical gasoline-powered dirt bike and is usually more closely related to a regular bicycle. You won’t mistake a gas bike for a regular bicycle any time soon. It is usually a little louder, a little faster, and a little bigger.

License for Motorized 2-Wheeled Vehicles

Motorized vehicles are often considered a motorcycle under state law, and will require a driver’s license. But this can vary depending on speed and power. It is best to inquire with the local place you rent. If you have your own, look into the details pertaining to your state. California states that a motorized bike has two wheels, handlers, a floorboard, and a motor, all features that exist in both electric and gas bikes. A moped can’t exceed 30 miles per hour.

In summary, it is possible that an electric bike can be ridden by an individual without the need for a correct driver’s license, but gas bikes require the coverage. Enquire with your local rental provider.

Insurance for Motorized Vehicles

Insurance does not often cover motorized vehicles, regardless of whether they are electric or gas. Your best bet here is to contact your insurance provider and explain the situation.

Sunset over Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Renting a Bike in Mammoth Mountain

Your best place to get any bike is at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. It is a famous site for motorcycle enthusiasts and likely the largest gathering of bikers in the region. The park features trails of all skill levels and hosts special events on a monthly basis, including its Village Championship series.

We also recommend you call beforehand to confirm trail and park openings.

Mountain Biking in Mammoth

So which one is better for hitting the trails?

The answer may be frustrating to some: both!

What an electric bike allows you to do is navigate the trails quietly. If you prefer a non-invasive and environmentally responsible method, this is it. The cost of renting may be marginal.

Both options allow you to ride around when you are off the mountain and in town. It is much easier to navigate town quickly and safely on a motorized bike as opposed to a non-motorized bike, and both electric and gas options get the job done!

Both provide casual travel options for you and a traveling partner. Choose the approach that fits your needs. If you want quick and convenient town travel as well as mountain exploration, you can’t go wrong with either type.

Our deluxe Mammoth mountain lodging gives you the best entry point for one of the country’s most exceptional ski resort towns. Even in the summer, the area comes to life with exciting mountainside trails, kayak tours, and museum attractions.

Contact us today for more information on our 3 to 4 bedroom Mammoth Lakes vacation rentals. Make sure you have plenty of room to bring everyone’s bike. Also, inquire with the local bike shops to see if they offer delivery to your rental. Whether electric or not, biking is a big attraction here, and everyone is willing to make it as easy as possible for you to hit the trails!