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A Beginner’s Guide to Camping in Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is big, bold, and eternally beautiful. It is filled with breathtaking vistas and spirited landscapes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Mammoth is a mountainside village, surrounded from virtually all sides by riveting and entrancing nature.

Camping is one of the more popular outdoor activities here to get connected with nature and rejuvenate, taking in the fresh mountain air and incredible views each day. It’s one of your best opportunities to enjoy activities such as hiking, road cycling, fishing and outdoor exploration in the midst of the serene beauty.

How do you camp in Mammoth and where? Below is your beginner’s guide to camping in Mammoth Lakes.

A Beginners Guide to Camping in Mammoth Lakes || 1849 Mountain Rentals in Mammoth Mountain

Tent Camping versus Renting a Cabin

You need to settle on what kind of camping experience you want, and that ultimately has to do with a single choice. Do you camp with a tent or in a cabin? You have plenty of options available for both.

Tent camping is obviously more challenging and will require far more preparation on your end. But, it can ultimately lead to a more connected journey in Mammoth.

The cabin experience is rewarding and special, and far more manageable. Decide the type of challenge you want and begin your location search based on this choice.

Roughing It with Tent Camping

Experience authentic nature by tent camping out in the thick foliage of Mammoth. Feel the breeze on your face as it whips through the trees and rustles the branches. There is a sense of harmony and peace from the surrounding mountains of Mammoth, and something that is welcoming you with open arms.

Mammoth Mountain RV Park & Campground is a fantastic option if you want to rough it a bit and possibly the best tent camping in Mammoth Lakes. You rent out a location, which is little more than a patch of grass.

The park offers full and partial hookup sites. You do get access to amenities, such as a recreational room, picnic tables, laundry, a heated pool, and internet hotspots. A partial hookup site is about $40 a night.

You can choose to bring an RV to the location or select from one of the park’s cabins. But, most people who come to this famous park choose tent camping.

A Beginners Guide to Camping in Mammoth Lakes

You can find an extensive list of all the local campgrounds at the official tourism site, with details on RV spots as well as tent camping in Mammoth Lakes. Explore and compare amenities and activities, including rock climbing, fly fishing, picnicking, and hiking.

You can also choose wilderness camping on your own in certain designated areas. However, you will need to obtain a wilderness permit ahead of time, and abide by the “leave no trace” policy, which you can find more information about on the website.

If tent camping sounds a bit more ambitious than you bargained for, you might ease into the camping experience. You can stay at one of our local Mammoth vacation rentals and visit the nearby forests and trails.

Cabins and Camping

The cabin experience is almost equally rewarding and popular. It offers an authentic connection to the surrounding nature without having to deal with the obligations of tent camping.

You have a wide range of cabins available to you in Mammoth. Cabin amenities vary from heated pools, hot showers, laundry facilities in the property

Your best strategy is to select a cabin that suits your needs and expectations, including proximity to local hiking trails, natural attractions, and the amenities (i.e. laundry, wi-fi).

Don’t try to find an experience that is too far outside your comfort zone. But, also challenge yourself. Try to find new experiences while taking in the magic of the surrounding mountains.

The Trail System

What would a camping trip be without some hiking and trailblazing? Fortunately for you, there are hundreds of miles of hiking trails available, including Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls. They are all designated by difficulty. The region of Mammoth is home to about 300 miles of trails, from pine forests to alpine meadows.

Many trails are closed seasonally so review with the official Mono County website. Also visit resources for Inyo National Forest, which houses most of the 300 regional trails.

Uncover some lovely camping opportunities by seeking new challenges, aspiring to visit new places, and appreciating the unique local scenery of Mammoth.

Whether you’re camping in Mammoth or skiing in Mammoth, be sure to choose a comfortable mountain rental for your vacation.


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