Ambush at the Lake Fall Fishing Derby

Mammoth Lakes celebrates frenetic and competitive fishing in the mountains every season in a multitude of ways. Perhaps no seasonal fishing series is as genuine as the Ambush at the Lake Fishing Derby at Convict Lake.

Convict Lake offers some of the best fishing with an incredible stock of brown and rainbow trout among other gamefish. What better way to enjoy some quality fishing in Mammoth while making it even more fun in a competition?

What is a Fishing Derby?

A fishing derby is another name for a fishing tournament. Competitors arise to the challenge against eager fishing amateurs and professionals. They rally around a specific set of rules typically regarding where they can fish, what they can catch, and what they are striving for (largest bass, longest trout, etc).

This fall fishing derby in Mammoth excels at giving a chance for all participants with a fair series of catch restrictions. To really open up the boundaries, all ages are welcome. Event holders strive to make the series accessible but competitive.

Prizes, Victories, and Cold Hard Cash!

Visitors can find a tough challenge once they hit the water of Mammoth Lakes in July. This challenge comes with some sizable rewards. In total, competitors can aim for over $6,000 in resort prizes.

Stay close, play close!